• Daily Working Hours : 06
  • Number of Working Days in a Week : 06
  • Total number of working days in the previous academic session : 210
  • Average daily attendence during the current session : 85%
  • Value Added Course : Music and Yoga
  • Name of Schools available for internship during the current session (Govt./Govt. aided Schools)
    1. Project High School, Bengabad
    2. Utkramit High School, Motileda
    3. Girls High School, Pachamba
    4. Sir J.C. Bose High School, Giridih
  • Total number of internship days in previous academic session : 16 Weeks
  • Total number of Mentor teachers associated with Internship Programme : 6 Teachers
  • Did the institution conduct orientation programme for the students before the commencement of Internship? : Yes
  • Did the institution conduct the Planning cum consultation meeting with the Head of Internship School? : Yes


Programme Session 2016-18 Session 2017-19 Session 2018-20
B.Ed. 99% 99% N.A.
D.El.Ed. N.A N.A N.A


Conference :

Meetings and Conferences are extremely important, when it comes to dealing with a batch of over hundred students, all the teachers and a few management employees. Holding conferences at regular intervals has always been a priority for our college. These conferences are held to address the grievances of our staff and students, to appreciate and applaud the efforts of best employee or a best student of the quarter. Conferences are also held to establish a place in the world of today’s social media. Prize winning activities, changes bought in the management and working style, grievances addressed and any new updates, they are all published on various social media platforms as transparency is our forte. Meetings and conferences are extremely useful to build a presentable image of our college internally and to external media.

Seminars and Workshops :

We have conducted a lot of webinars and workshops throughout the course of the entire year. It added to a lot of learning and knowledge of our students. The highlights of the year were the celebration of Yoga Day and Environment Day which not only added to the awareness of our students but also made a paradigm shift in their thought process thereby motivating them to maintain a healthy n pollution free environment.

Training Programme :

We, as an institute dealing in ‘Bachelors of Education’ (B.Ed.) and ‘Diploma in Elementary Education’ (D.El.Ed.) identify the importance of training and development. Theoretical knowledge helps our students to have the basic fundamentals of teaching but applying those theories into practice is vital. We support training programs that help our students to enhance their teaching skills. Scholar B.Ed. college, collaborated with various other institutes in Giridih, Jharkhand, where our candidates are required to teach students from other schools. This activity, not only provided our students with a mirror image of their forthcoming career activities but it is was also a chance for our management and staff to find the gaps in their teaching styles and bridge those gaps with our extensive workshops and programs. Some of the schools that collaborated with us for the training program are: I. Project High School, Bengabad. II. Utkramit High School, Motileda. III. Sharda Kanya Middle School, Pachamba. IV. +2 High School, Giridih.

Contact Info

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    Dist.:- Giridih, Jharkhand Pin Code - 815302
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