Rules & Regulations

Keeping in view the aims and aspirations of Scholar B.Ed. college certain rules and regulation have been framed to be strictly followed by trainees. These rules have been formulated not to bind the trainees within the premises but to make them understand the value and standard of discipline which, when followed meticulously by the trainees, help them to emerge into a more determined matured and knowledgeable individual. A whole hearted support from out trainees and guardians are thus solicited.

  1. Students shall strictly comply the rules and regulation of the college issued from the time to time relating to their studies, examinations conduct and discipline.
  2. The students, who secured admission on the basis of false certificate/mark sheet on the basis of any misrepresentation of facts or illegal means, shall be summarily cancelled and all fees paid by him/her shall be forfeited. Legal action shall also be taken against them.
  3. Candidates are required to enclose along with their application, an affidavit before a Notary Public stating that all information given by them are true.
  4. Application accompanied with requisite documents/enclosure received after the last date shall be summarily rejected.
  5. No refund of fees under any circumstances will be made on the withdrawal of the admission.
  6. In case the candidates failed to submit their required documents admission shall be treated as cancelled and no request for refund of fees will be entertained under any circumstances.
  7. If the applicant is employed, employers no objection certificate with proof of two year leave must be submitted during the time of admission.
  8. Trainees can avail all facilities only after the course commences and only till the courses is completed.
  9. Trainees are liable to security checks on entry or exit from the college premises.
  10. Institution will not be responsible for any loss of belongings left unattended by the trainees at the college premises.
  11. Intake of any sort of intoxicating substance strictly prohibited. Chewing of Paan/Gutka/Chewing Gum is also provided.
  12. A Trainee has to ensure at least 80% attendance for attaining eligibility for appearing at the University Examination.
  13. A medical certificate will be required if there are more than three days consecutive owing to illness.
  14. All institution’s property have to handled with care. Any damage or pilferage caused to Institution’s property by any trainee will be appropriately charged.
  15. Trainer shoes strictly are there two instruction regarding entry/exit regulations, parking of vehicles etc. They should not bring friends, visitors or relatives to the classroom or practical rooms or in the in the college campus.
  16. Ragging is banned in the Institution and any one indulging in ragging process is likely to be punished appropriately.
  17. All the students must attend the class in proper uniform appropriate for a gentle man/woman.
  18. All train supposed to attend the classes in proper uniform specified for them.
  19. Male trainees must have short and properly groomed hair, clean and well trained nails. They should attend classes every day with a clean shave and polished shoe.
  20. Female trainees must have properly groomed hair, clean and well trimmed nails.
  21. During class hours wearing the college identity Card is compulsory.
  22. These rules come into effect immediately and equally apply on all trainees of the Institution.
  23. Institution holds the right to introduce, alter, amend or changed only or all the rules from time to time if found necessary.
  24. Interpretation of these rules will always be made by the designated persons of the institute and shall be final and binding of all trainees.
  25. For any legal dispute the jurisdiction will be at Giridih Court only.
  26. Discontinuance:
    1. In case any trainees is found not paying his/her fees within 20 days from the due date he/she will fetch a strong disciplinary measures.
    2. If any trainee at and own opt to drop out from the course then the case will also be treated a discontinuance. In such a situation, the course fee and other charges already paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
    3. In case of asense for 50 consecutive days, the college must be informed of valid reason or the case will be treated as discontinuance .
    4. In case of a misconduct and violation of college norm, trainees may fetch disciplinary action leading to discontinuance.

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